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Witchers or hexers су стерилни мутанти са натприродним способностима, који пролазе специјалан тренинг и припрему да би постали професионалне убице чудовишта за новац. Верује се (чак и међу њима) да нису способни ѕа поседованје емоција, и ако то није увек искључиво тачно. Geralt, централна лицност свих Witcher серијала, је најбољи од свих witcher-а.

"Witcher" је преносни термин конструисан од речи witch(вештица) и у употреби од оних који се баве магијом да опишу мушкарца са ограниченим магиским способностима.

Known witchersУреди

Known witchers in Andrzej Sapkowski's books are:

In the adaptationsУреди

In the computer game only


Old Witcher (Wojciech Duryasz) in The Hexer TV series

In the movie and TV series only

In the graphic novels only

In the PnP RPG only


The original Polish name for "witcher" is "wiedźmin". The English translation preferred by Andrzej Sapkowski was initially "hexer" and is the name used in the international version of the film adaptation. However, CD Projekt chose to translate it to "witcher" in the The Witcher computer game, and this version was subsequently used by Danusia Stok in her translation of the book The Last Wish, as well as by Sapkowski himself in the book Historia i fantastyka.

Alternatively, the word warlock has been used informally in English translations, while "witcher", being a neologism in English (as wiedźmin is in Polish) arguably describes better the spirit of Geralt's profession.

In other languages:

  • Zaklínač (Czech)
  • Hexer (German)
  • Raganius (Lithuanian)
  • Ведьмак/Vedmak (Russian)
  • Sorceleur (French)
  • El Brujo (Spanish)
  • 巫师 (Chinese)
  • Čarovnikar (Slovenian)
  • Noituri (Finnish)

In languages from the novel:

  • Vedymin
  • Vatt'ghern (Elven)

In languages from the game:

  • Witchmolol-bool (Vodyanoi)

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